November 22, 2022 - Wow! One year exactly (from the last release)!

"Songs Close to Home" is the latest EP!  This release has a slightly "warmer" sound! Thank you very much to the musicians!

1. "Simple Life" Drums -Mike Snelling; Bass -Don Irby; Guitar-Keith Cannon; Lead Guitar & Vocal-Ed Maly

2. "Please Pray for Me" -Drums- Mike Snelling; Bess- Don Irby; All Guitars, Keyboards, & Vocals - Ed Maly

3. "Welcome Good Neighbor" - Drums- Mike Snelling; Bass- Don Irby; Keyboards- Russell Lewandowski; Guitars & Vocals - Ed Maly; Lead Guitar at the end- Mike Coston 

4. "The Moose Song" - Keyboards- Russell Lewandowski; Drums- Mike Snelling; Bass- Don Irby; Guitars & Vocals- Ed Maly

5. "Sweet Love Habit" - Guitars-Ed Maly; Drums- Mike Snelling; Bass- Don Irby; Vocals- Ed Maly & Mike Snelling

6. "Ain't Nobody" - Drums- Mike Snelling; Bass- Don Irby; Keys, Guitars, Fender Rhodes, & Vocals- Ed Maly   

 November 22, 2021

I am so grateful to be “On Fire, Again” with the music! This is the latest release with six originals and two copy tunes. “I Just Want to Feel” is a true story. When I first saw and experienced the Allman Brothers in the Houston Coliseum in 1971, it was a life-changing moment. Larry Scott recreates the slide guitar here, and John Blau provides the B-3 to recreate that feeling! The 2nd song, “R.I.P. Craig”, is dedicated to my friend, Craig Davis, a fellow musician I met in the 9th grade. We played in a band called The Guiding Spirits, and that band was my salvation in high school. “She Called Me Sugar” is an older original from the Darren Ross, Chris Fielder, and Darrell Rodriguez days. The older I get, the more I realize all “I Don’t Know”, as this song indicates. We cover a lot of genres when playing live, such as Willie Dixon’s “Hoochie Coochie Man”. “Loves Her Money” speaks for itself. “Thank you, Lizzy Snelling, for those incredible backup vocals on “Too Cool”. “All Right Now” always works well for us live, so I included it here to close out this release. A big “Thank You” to all the musicians! 


1. “I Just Want to Feel” - Drums - Mike Snelling; Bass - Don Irby; Slide Guitar - Larry Scott; Keyboards - John Blau; Rhythm guitar & Vocals - Ed Maly 

2. “R.I.P. Craig” - Drums - Mike Snelling; Bass - Don Irby; Keyboards - Mark Joslin; Lead Guitar Fills – Mike Coston; Rhythm, Lead Guitars & Vocals - Ed Maly 

3. “She Called Me Sugar” - Drums - Darrell Rodriguez; Bass - Chris Fielder; Keyboards - Darren Ross; Lead Guitar - Larry Scott; Rhythm & Vocals - Ed Maly 

4. “I Don’t Know” - Drums - Mike Snelling; Bass - Don Irby; Electric Rhythm - Felix Cortes; Keyboards - Mark Joslin; Acoustic Guitars & Vocals - Ed Maly 

5. “Hoochie Coochie Man” - Drums - Mike Snelling; Bass - Don Irby; Lead & Slide Guitar - Larry Scott; Keyboards - Mark Joslin; Acoustic Guitar & Vocals - Ed Maly 

6. “Loves Her Money” – Drums – Mike Snelling; Bass – Don Irby; 1st Lead Guitar – Mike Coston; 2nd Lead Guitar, Piano, & Vocals – Ed Maly     

7. “Too Cool” - Drums - Mike Snelling; Bass - Don Irby; Lead Guitar - Larry Scott; Acoustic, Rhodes & Vocals - Ed Maly; Cool Girl Singer - Lizzy Snelling 

8. “All Right Now” - Drums - Mike Snelling; Bass - Don Irby; Lead Guitars - Larry Scott; Keyboards - Cody Hogan; Acoustic & Vocals - Ed Maly 


1. “I Just Want to Feel” (Ed Maly) - Ed Maly - B.M.I. Hot Texas Tunes ©2021 

2. “R.I.P. Craig” (Ed Maly) Ed Maly - B.M.I. Hot Texas Tunes ©2021 

3. “She Called Me Sugar” (Ed Maly) Ed Maly - B.M.I. Hot Texas Tunes © 2014 

4. “I Don’t Know” - (Ed Maly) - Ed Maly - B.M.I. - Hot Texas Tunes © 2021 

5. “Hoochie Coochie Man” (Willie Dixon) Ed Maly - B.M.G. © 1954 

6. “Loves Her Money” (Ed Maly) - Ed Maly - B.M.I. Hot Texas Tunes 2021 

7. “Too Cool” - (Jessica Turner/Ed Maly) – Ed Maly – B.M.I. Hot Texas Tunes ©2000 

8. “All Right Now” (Andy Fraser & Paul Rogers) - Ed Maly - B.M.I. Island Records ©1970  

 Liner Notes for Texas Girl - Released in 2019

Thank you very much all the musicians who played on this. It was so much fun. Thank you to all the people, places and events that sparked the song ideas for these 16 original tunes, plus the four covers!

If you play in Texas, you better have a “Texas Girl” in there, somewhere! This one is fun to play at the live shows. Recently during a band break, a lady came up and said she had just moved down here to Texas to start over, so could I write a song about being “reborn” in Texas! 

After hearing “Best Berry” (“Strawberry”, the Chuck Berry song), by Steve Califf, at the Austin Songwriters’ Symposium a couple of years ago, I just knew it was one we had to cover! Nice guitar work by Keith Cannon! 

Our version of “Nadine” gets a little help from Eric Demmer! I love the sound of his sax break on this! 

Sometimes, it takes a long time for a song to finally get recorded. I wrote “Dancing in the Moonlight” back in 1985 for the late Darren Ross to sing at my wedding reception. It went over so well, I’d planned to get Darren to record it soon after, but we never got around to it. So, here it is now, with me singing it, 34 years later, backed by Lizzy & Mike Snelling on vocals. The world-famous Eric Demmer adds just the right touch on saxophone to make this version dance, once again! 

“Crescent City” was co-written by Louisiana natives, Dianne Garrand & Mary Mares. 

“Rock You Like This” tells the tale of the many garage rock bands who just love the music! 

“Butterflies Under Thunder II” features John Blau on keyboard/flute combined and me on the acoustic. 

“Hot Summer Days” recalls the happy times of growing up in Bryan! 

“Running” was originally released on the Whiskey and My Gun CD. This one goes over well at the live shows when Larry cranks up his crazy-good guitar! I can sure relate to the lyric, “Running to keep up - Before I run out of time”. 

Waking up alive and healthy each day makes me grateful to be alive and that feeling inspired “Living Loving”. 

“Crazy Talk “speaks for itself. 

“Our Ship’s Come in” is a happy song about survival and “holding on” until the good things in life can begin to happen. I love Larry’s slide guitar on this tune! 

Those are the cries of real wolves during the middle lead break on “Wolf Man”! 

There is a lot of talent in this part of Texas, and this year’s surprise is Lizzy Snelling on “Boy, Come On”, a tune written by Mary Mares and me. 

“Houston Astros’ Time” was released as a single after the Astros won the World Series back in 2017. 

“Somewhere” is a country song written by Paul Novak and Dave Clayton. 

The best way to grow old is to stay “Young at Heart”. 

The band plays a variety of cover tunes at the live shows. Don Irby, bass player, does a nice version of the Stephen Stills tune, “For What It’s Worth”. 

“Let the Sun Shine Down” is a salute to the Hurricane Harvey recovery process in Houston and the resilience of the people and volunteers. 

Jimi Hendrix was such a groundbreaking guitar player; people forget that he was also a great songwriter. “Foxy Lady” is a delight to play live! It always makes the people smile!                               -Ed Maly

Texas Girl - Musicians 

John Blau: Keyboards on #3, #7, & #8 & 17. Vocal intros on #8 & #17. 
Keith Cannon: Guitar on #2, #4, #5, #6, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #19, & #20. 
Mike Coston: Guitar on #1, #3, and track production on #16. 
Henry Darragh: Keyboards on #1 & #15. 
Eric Demmer: Saxophone on Tracks #3, #4, #6, #8, & 17. 
Max Heffler: Keyboards on #4, #5, #6, & #13. 
Don Irby: Bass on all songs. Vocals on #18; Back-up vocals on #2 & 6. 
Ed Maly: Vocals on all except #14 & #18; Acoustic & Electric Guitar on all. 
Greg Partyka: Drums on #1. 
Larry Scott: Slide/lead/rhythm guitars on #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #8, 9, #10, #12, #13, #15, #17, #19, #20. 
Lizzy Snelling: Vocals on #14; Back-up vocals on #4. 
Mat Snelling: Tambourine #8 & #17. 
Mike Snelling: Drums on all except #1. Back-up vocals on #2, #4, #6, & #9. 


1. Texas Girl (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:41) 
2. Best Berry (Steve Califf) Ed Maly (2:22) 
3. Nadine (Chuck Berry) Ed Maly (3:53) 
4. Dancing in the Moonlight (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (3:13) 
5. Crescent City (Dianne Garrand, Mary Mares & Ed Maly) Ed Maly 2:07) 
6. Rock You Like This (Ed Maly & Mike Snelling) Ed Maly (2:42) 
7. Butterflies Under Thunder II (Ed Maly & John Blau) Ed Maly (2:42) 
8. Hot Summer Days (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:51) 
9. Running (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:35) 
10. Living Loving (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (3:10) 
11. Crazy Talk (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:00) 
12. Our Ship's Come In (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:34) 
13. Wolf Man (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:24) 
14. Boy Come On (Mary Mares & Ed Maly) Lizzy Snelling (2:41) 
15. Houston Astros? Time (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:20) 
16. Somewhere (Paul Novak & Dave Clayton) Ed Maly (2:48) 
17. Young at Heart (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:57) 
18. For What It?s Worth (Stephen Stills) Don Irby (2:57) 
19. Let the Sun Shine Down (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:46) 
20. Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) Ed Maly (3:16) 

Recorded, mixed, and produced at Hot Texas Tunes in Sugar Land, TX by Ed Maly 
Mastered at Masterpiece Mastering in South Padre Island, Texas by Billy Stull 

Thank you to all the people who inspired any part of this project! Thank you, Patty! Thank you, musicians, for your contributions! Thank you, Billy Stull, for once again, adding the magic with your mastering skills! Thank you to the wonderful people at The Shady Acres Saloon, The Pub, and all from the Ride for Recovery group! Thank you, Matt Maly, for the Octavia pedal! Finally, thank you to all who play Ed Maly music on the various streaming services!

Liner Notes for Middle Child Goes Wild! Released in 2017

Weee! It's finally finished! This latest labor of love from Hot Texas Tunes, Middle Child Goes Wild, has eleven new original songs, plus four copy tunes. Thank you, Billy Stull, for the concept, song arrangement, and mastering! 

I've always been fascinated by birth order and the things we let control us as seen in "Middle Child". There are two drummers on this cut. Greg Partyka played acoustic drums on the original analog tracks, and then Mike Snelling added a layer over that using his electric kit when the tracks were moved over to Pro Tools. 

Eric Demmer sets the mood for "Honky Tonk" as we pay tribute to all the bars and clubs and wonderful people go for the music every weekend! 

At heart, every man has a little boy in him just dying to "Do Something Crazy", and then explain it away with something like this! 

"Rocket Ball" is dedicated to the idea that someday, someway, Houston will finally have a winning team again, and as of right now, it's looking pretty good for the Houston Rockets! Those three-point shots are falling right every night! 

"Death Rattler's Growl" pushes the lyrical envelop a little bit, but I like the attitude of the old man in the last verse, "Don't cry at my grave - it just nature's way - for me to meet the angel - who watched me by day". 

Keith Cannon’s version of "Can't Always Get What You Want" always goes over well at the live shows. Keith recreates it here with help from Eric Demmer on saxophone, Larry Scott on slide, and Scott Graham on piano. 

“Mo Money” is a (sort of) true story. I had a dream that the guys in the band & I drove to Vegas to see about playing a few gigs, and while there, we won $7,000, then doubled the bet, but lost it all! I suppose the dream was just a subliminal reminder that gambling in Vegas would bring better odds for us than playing music. However, in the dream, as in real life, we were re having way too much fun to care, either way! Keyboard-man John Blau provides the perfect opening voice and keys for this one! 

The idea for the song, “Why Don’t You” came after hearing a jealous man yell at his wife across the room at the bar one night, "Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To" Wow, I thought...Now, There's a song! 

“The Black Widow” is a fictitious tune written to warn all about the existence of these 2-legged creatures, who at the very least, deserve to be exposed in song! 

On one of my many trips to Austin for their Songwriters’ Symposium a few years ago, I heard a young fiddle prodigy named Ruby Jane Smith. She was only fifteen back then, but she played country fiddle like a seasoned pro. Her mom managed her, and she toured for years as "The Ruby Jane Show". I wrote this song back then and forgot all about it until recently when I heard she had switched styles completely and started a new band called, "Ruby and the Reckless". 

One of the happiest tunes we play live is "Jambalaya" with Don Irby on vocals. People always love that song. Don does a great job with it here, and John Blau adds his “squeeze-box” accordion keys for just the right Cajun touch to make it dance! 

If Money is the root of all evil, then misguided love runs a close second in this fictitious soap opera called, “Money & Love”. 

Looking back over my life, it seems like music has always been my anchor, getting me through the highs and lows in life. For me, the definition of "lucky" is to have a tolerant wife, a strong live band, and a host of local guys who do killer overdubs in the studio as needed! As the song says, I am, indeed, a very “Lucky Guy”! 

Made famous by Bo Diddley, “Can’t Judge a Book” is one of the many Willie Dixon tunes that is always a favorite to play live. 

I've always loved Jimmy Hall's version of "She's Looking Good" (by Roger Collins), as well as Wilson Pickett's, but I think our version here is unique, too, thanks to Eric Demmer, whose saxophone playing blew the lights out at the studio on this one! 

“Rock You Crazy” is the promise all good garage rock bands make to their audiences. That is, we just want the listener to "turn it up" and dance with reckless abandonment! Or, if not that, then at least escape into the music and enjoy being lost to the world for a while because that’s how it was for us while recording it! 

Ed Maly 
Hot Texas Tunes 2017 

Songs on Middle Child Goes Wild! 
1 Middle Child (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:58) 
2 Honky Tonk (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (1:59) 
3 Do Something Crazy (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:09) 
4 Rocket Ball (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:29) 
5 Death Rattler’s Growl (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (3:28) 
6 Mo Money (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:38) 
7 Why Don’t You (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:32) 
8 The Black Widow (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:21) 
9 Can’t Always Get What You Want (Jagger/Richards) Keith Cannon (5:50) 
10 Miss Ruby Jane (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:16) 
11 Jambalaya (Williams/Mulligan) Don Irby (2:55) 
12 Money and Love (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (3:29) 
13 Lucky Guy (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:08) 
14 You Can’t Judge a Book (Willie Dixon) Ed Maly (2:34) 
15 She’s Looking Good (Roger Collins) Ed Maly (2:59) 
16 Rock You Crazy (Ed Maly) Ed Maly (2:47) 

Musicians on Middle Child Goes Wild! 

Don Irby: Bass on all songs; Vocals on Track #11; Back-up vocals on Tracks #3, #4, #6, #8, and #16. 
Keith Cannon: Vocals on #9; Lead guitar Tracks #4, #6, #7, #8, #9, #11, #13, #14, and #16. 
Mike Snelling: Drums on all except #4, #7, and #12; Back-up vocals on Tracks #3, #6, #8, #9, #11, #13, #14, #15, and #16. 
Larry Scott: Lead/Slide on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8, #9, #12, #13, #14, & #16. 
Mike Coston: Guitar fills on #1; Lead guitar on #5; Co-Producer on #10; Rhythm on #15. 
John Blau: Keyboards on Tracks #6, #11, and #16; Back-up vocals on Tracks #6 and #16. 
Eric Demmer: Saxophone on Tracks #2, #9, and #15. 
Scott Graham: Piano on Tracks #2, #9, and #12. 
Greg Partyka: Drums on Tracks #1, #4, #7, and #12. 
Bryan Baker: Horn on Track #12. 
Ed Maly: Vocals on all except #9 and #11; Rhythm and acoustic guitars on all. 

Thank You 

Thank you to my wife, Patty - Thank you to all musicians, especially Don Irby, for handling the bookings and live sound. 
Thank you, very much, to Billy Stull, of Masterpiece Mastering in South Padre Island, TX, for the album concept, song order and the outstanding mastering! 
Also, special thanks to Bruce and Chris at The Pub Fountains in Stafford, and The Pub at Needville, for the great gigs this past year! Thanks also to Chuck, Jane, Cary, and Matt from the "Ride for Recovery" fundraiser at the Parc! 
Thank you, Vicente Zumel, for the great reviews! Also, a super thanks to all who play Ed Maly music on their Internet shows! 
Thank you, CDBaby customers, and all who stream on Spotify, iTunes, Google, YouTube, Amazon, iHeartradio, etc. Most of all, thank you to all my friends, fans, and fellow musicians! I get a lot of inspiration and energy from you! 

Recorded and mixed at Hot Texas Tunes, in Sugar Land, Texas. 
Mastered at Masterpiece Mastering, in South Padre Island, Texas by

Billy Stull. 
All songs (p) by Ed Maly, B.M.I., except for the cover songs, #6, #11, #14, & #15.

Liner Notes for Turn It Up! Released in 2015

Dear Texas Music Fan, 

I’m very excited about this CD! True stories - killer musicians -unbridled passion revealed in the lyrics! 
Turn It Up! Opens with “Jump”, a tune about me almost drowning at Sue Haswell Park in Bryan when I was a kid. True Story, except I was too proud to yell for help because the female lifeguard might think I couldn’t swim, so I almost drowned quietly with my pride. Thank goodness, someone pulled me out and didn’t make a big deal out of it. 
“Turn It Up” tells the story of my dad’s passion for music and how he passed that on to me. He was a fiddle player who played with the passion of a rocker. 
“Have Mercy” incorporates all the styles I loved hearing during the 60’s. I especially love the guitars on this one! 
“I’m a Guitar Jock” is a true story that reminds me that the original rockers created music more for the love of it than the money. 
“Strong and Weak” is full of sonic tones and meanings. This song first appeared on the Ed’s Garage CD. 
“My Version the Truth” is a Craig Davis tune. He lives in Austin, and has a cool catalog of tunes. 
“Bet Yo Mama” is a Chuck Cannon tune. Chuck is a regular at the yearly Austin Songwriters’ Seminar, both as a performer and as an instructor. Although he writes country music, he’s a rocker at heart! 
“Ready Willing Gone” was co-written by Mary Mares of Metairie, Louisiana. Mary has co-written several songs with me. 
“Hot Love” reminds young people that we older creatures are still very much alive and well in this 21st Century. 
Keith Cannon brings new life to the old traditional, “St. James Infirmary”. This one is a favorite in the bars. 
“Connecting All the Dots” is a reminder (to me) that song writing should always be from the heart, not the head. 
“Sissy and the Snake” is just a fictitious, fun throw-away, but I couldn’t drop it because I love the bridge! 
“Kitchen Bitching Blues” pokes fun at all the men like me who grew up eating fried foods that are now cooked in microwaves. Keyboardist, John Blau, does a great job setting this up in his roadhouse voice with his, “Give It Up, Ya’ll”! 
“God Country Friends Family” is a tribute to my father, who died in 2007. I started the song a few years later, and it has taken this long to finish. 
“Robot Lady” exists because they’re on the way! They are coming to take us away! 
“Sugar Blues” is a true song! I’ve had a love affair with sugar my entire life. I get crazy on sugar! 
“Beach Song” Love the beach! This song came after a trip to the Florida Keys a few years ago. I didn’t want to go home! 
“Darrell”  came after attending the funeral of my long-time drummer, Darrell Rodriguez. I went into the studio and pulled out some unfinished reel-to-reel music tracks with him on drums. I dropped the original vocals and just started “talking” to him as the tracks were playing. This song is that conversion. Turn it up! That’s what Darrell would want. 

Ed Maly 2015 

Hot Texas Tunes 

Songs on Turn It Up! 
1. Jump (Ed Maly) 
2. Turn It Up (Ed Maly) 
3. Have Mercy (Ed Maly) 
4. I’m a Guitar Jock (Ed Maly) 
5. Strong and Weak (Ed Maly) 
6. My Version the Truth (Craig Davis) 
7. Bet Yo Mama (Chuck Cannon) 
8. Ready Willing Gone (Ed Maly & Mary Mares) 
9. Hot Love (Ed Maly) 
10. St. James Infirmary (Traditional) 
11. Connecting All the Dots (Ed Maly) 
12. Sissy and the Snake (Ed Maly) 
13. Kitchen Bitching Blues (Ed Maly) 
14. God Country Friends Family (Ed Maly) 
15. Robot Lady (Ed Maly & Mike Coston) 
16. Sugar Blues (Ed Maly) 
17. Beach Song (Ed Maly) 
18. Darrell Rodriguez (Ed Maly) 
Musicians on Turn It Up! 
Heath Allen: Lead guitar on Track #6. 
Starr Barclay: Back-up vocals on Track #9. 
John Blau: Keys on Tracks #5, #12, #13, and #17. 
Robert Bookman: Bass on Track #5. 
Keith Cannon: Vocals on #10; Lead guitar on Tracks #2, #3, #8, #10, and #13. 
Mike Coston: Lead guitar on Tracks #3, #4, #15, and #18. 
Henry Darragh: Keys on Tracks #10 and #15. 
Craig Davis: Lead vocals and guitar on Track #6. 
Chris Fielder: Bass on Tracks #7 and #18. 
Randy Holsapple: Keys on Track #9. 
Don Irby: Bass on Tracks #1 - #4, and Tracks #8 - #17. 
Chas Lothringer: Drums on Track #5. 
Darrell Rodriguez: Drums on Tracks #7, #9, and #18. 
Darren Ross: Keys on Tracks #7 and #18. 
Larry Scott: Lead/Slide guitar on Tracks #1, #3, #8, #9, #12, #14, and #18. 
Mike Snelling: Drums on Tracks #1 - #4, #8, and Tracks #19 - #17. 
Spencer Starnes: Bass on Track #6. 
Dexter Walker: Drums on Track #6. 
Ed Maly: Vocals and rhythm on all tracks; Lead guitar on Tracks #2, #7, and #16; Acoustic on Tracks #10, #11, #14, and #17. 

Thank you to my wife, Patty, and to all the band members and musicians! Thank you, Billy Stull, for the album title, song order, and outstanding mastering! 
Recorded at Hot Texas Tunes Sugar Land, Texas 
Mastered by Billy Stull at Masterpiece Mastering, South Padre Island, Texas

Whiskey and My Gun Released in 2013

Whiskey and my Gun was my first “digipak”, and there were no liner notes. 

A special thanks to Valerie Freeman for the cover portraits; Larry Scott for the swagger and tone on slide guitar; Don Irby, for the patience to do live sound (p.a.) and bass playing; Mike Snelling for drums and energy; Keith Cannon for your lead playing and support; Thanks also to the other musicians who play live at the functions and/or record with me in the studio. Also, thank you, Patty, for your love and support. 

Musicians on Whiskey and My Gun 
Ed Maly: Vocals and rhythm guitar on all tracks. 
Larry Scott: Lead and slide guitar on all tracks. 
Don Irby: Bass on all tracks except #3 & #9. 
Mike Snelling: Drums on all except #3 and #9. 
Keith Cannon: Guitar on all except #3 and #9. 
Darren Ross: Keyboards on Track #3. 
Darrell Rodriguez: Drums on Track #3. 
Chris Fielder: Bass on Track #3. 
Chaz Lothringer: Drums on Track #9. 
Robert Bookman: Bass on Track #9. 

Recorded at Hot Texas Tunes Sugar Land, Texas 
Mastered by Allen Corneau Mastering in Houston. 
Digipak Design by Matt Eskey - Any & All Media in Austin, Texas

Liner Notes for Attitude of Gratitude - 2012

Dear Blues/Rock Lovers, 
Attitude of Gratitude was a joy to record for many reasons. First, I’ve always wanted to get Eric Demmer to play saxophone on one of my songs. This year, it finally happened, and his saxophone playing put an “Attitude of Gratitude” in my heart! Thank you, again, Eric! 
“Travel the Land in a Rock and Roll Band” pays homage to the band’s dream of extended travel playing the music we love. 
“I’m Happy” is a song about just being happy. It originated one day last year when the grand kids arrived, and for no apparent reason, Skye said, “I’m happy”! It was the way she said it that inspired this tune. 
“Cougar Blues” is a tongue-in-cheek fictional visit to a place in the bars where I suppose this sort of thing does happen! But, not to me! 
“Boys Night Out” was written by Don Irby’s wife Janet. However, since Don didn’t want to be the guy getting the D.W.I. in the song, I volunteered to sing it! 
“Little Bit Crazy” is a tune from the See Me Burn CD that the band always plays at the live shows with Don on vocals. 
“Turn the Wheel” is a nod to the fickle moods of the market as well as Mother Nature. “Better save your money for a rainy day” is always good advice! 
Mike Snelling takes the band to the desert in “Going to Las Vegas”, a song written by Mike and his son, Mat Snelling, of London, England. 
O.K., baseball lovers, Constellation Field is finished, and the mighty “Sugar Land Skeeters” are now playing ball! Musicians are excited because this venue offers live music before the games. 
“Women & Cadillacs” is always a big crowd pleaser at the live gigs! Keith Cannon nails his version here keeping alive this Nite Rider’s tune, which also appeared in the movie, Crybaby, with Johnny Depp. 
“Boy Cat” is the true tale of a cat that was so bad, he cracked the neck on one of my guitars after knocking it off the stand several years ago. 
“Hiss Scratch Howl” tells the tale of a mighty big cat fight! Teri green provides the guitar breaks in this one! 
Well, we hope you enjoy this latest release! Look for the band on-line and on You Tube! 

Ed Maly 2012 

Hot Texas Tunes 

Songs on Attitude of Gratitude 

1. Attitude of Gratitude (Ed Maly) 
2. Travel the Land (Ed Maly) 
3. I’m Happy (Ed Maly) 
4. Cougar Blues (Ed Maly) 
5. Boys Night Out (Janet Irby) 
6. Little Bit Crazy (Ed Maly) 
7. Turn the Wheel (Ed Maly) 
8. Going to Las Vegas (Mat Snelling & Mike Snelling) 
9. Sugar Land Skeeters (Ed Maly) 
10. Women & Cadillacs (J. Starkes) 
11. Boy Cat (Ed Maly) 
12. Hiss Scratch Howl (Cora Moses) 


Musicians on Attitude of Gratitude 

Keith Cannon: Lead guitar on Tracks #8, #9, #10, and #11; Vocals on Track #10. 
Barry Cooney: Drums on Tracks #2 and #3. 
Mike Coston: Lead guitar on Track #5. 
Eric Demmer: Saxophone on Track #5. 
Chris Fielder: Bass on Tracks #4 and #7. 
Keith Goggin: Lead guitar on Tracks #2, #5, and #6. 
Teri Green: Lead guitar on Track #12. 
Don Irby: Bass on Tracks #1. #5, #6, #8 - #12; Vocals on Track #6 
Darrell Rodriguez: Drums on Tracks #4 and #7. 
Darren Ross: Keyboards on Track #4. 
Mike Snelling: Drums on Tracks #1, #5, #6, #8 - #`12; Vocals on Track #8 
Ed Maly: Lead guitar on Tracks #3, #4, and #7; Bass on Tracks #2 and #3; Vocals on Tracks #1 - #5, #7, #9, #11, and #12.

Liner Notes for Fountain of Youth - 2010 

Dear Texas Music Fan, 
The analogue reels have been spinning here in Sugar Land, Texas developing a brand of Hot Texas Tunes that is inclusive enough to include grandkids! The opening song on this CD, “Fountain of Youth”, tells of my experience on becoming a grandparent. As the song says, “I now get to play with toys I never had”. Well, maybe I did have a tricycle, but it was still fun posing for this CD cover on Gavin’s trike! 
Those of us old enough to remember the “Luv ya Blue” days in Houston are definitely ready for some Super Bowl football from the home team as mentioned in “Houston Texas Time”. 
“I’m Your Man” is a love ballad for my wife, Patty. 
I love the energy level on Teri Green’s first lead guitar break in “Shoulda Coulda Woulda”. Also, the lyrics are very true for me. The things I planned, but never accomplished can be blamed on - you guess it, “Shoulda Coulda Woulda”! 
“Once You’ve Been Down” is an acoustic tune written for a friend who hit bottom from drinking. 
The picture of the puppy in this fold-out is Buddy, the Chihuahua that Patty & I once owned. Buddy was the puppy who provided the inspiration and frustration behind “Puppy Love”. The inspiration behind “Gravestone of Mine” involves the story of an inebriated man who wandered into a cemetery by mistake one evening and started singing to one of the markers. 
“Driving Crazy Ethel” was recorded in Bryan with Rick and Cora Moses. Rick and I played in a high school rock band in the late 60?s. 
1968 was a magical year for me as expressed in “Abby’s 57 T-Bird”. 
The “Good Old Days” tells of a time when a man’s good word was all he needed to survive. Great keys by Mike Eli and lead guitar by Keith Goggin. “Fruits & Nuts” is a song written and performed by Cora Moses. 
“Get You Back in Life” promotes the theme of helping and coaching young people who fall to drugs and alcohol. 
“Too Many Women” is a remake performed by co-writer Darrell Rodriguez. Darrell has been a drummer in many bands in Houston since the mid 1970’s and has played drums on many of the songs from Hot Texas Tunes. 
Mike Snelling adds a touch of class to the Van Morrison classic, “Moon Dance”, a song he performs live with the band. 
Don Irby sings a cool version of Tony Joe White’s “Polk Salad Annie”, a song he performs live at the gigs. 
“Snake Farm” has to be Ray Wylie Hubbard’s best song to date because the band always gets more requests for it than any other at the live gigs. Keith Cannon takes the song further here adding his style of lead on it. 
“Dark Soul” is a remake from the See Me Burn CD with lead guitar by Teri Green. 
Just “Let It Ride” is always good advice for a stress-free life. “Freedom has a price/Turn the other cheek/It’ll make you strong/Give you the peace you seek”. 
Writing songs has always been spiritually healing for me as expressed in “Sin into Song”. 
The Jimi Hendrix song, “Red House”, provides an energetic conclusion to Fountain of Youth. 
Be sure to check out the website for more information about the band and the other CDs from Hot Texas Tunes! 

Ed Maly 

Hot Texas Tunes 

Songs on Fountain of Youth 

1. Fountain of Youth (Ed Maly) 
2. Houston Texan Time (Ed Maly) 
3. I’m Your Man (Ed Maly) 
4. Shoulda Coulda Woulda (Ed Maly) 
5. Once You’ve Been Down (Ed Maly) 
6. Puppy Love (Ed Maly) 
7. Gravestone of Mine (Ed Maly) 
8. Driving Crazy Ethel (Ed Maly) 
9. Abby’s 57 T-Bird (Ed Maly) 
10. Good Old Days (Ed Maly) 
11. Fruits & Nuts (Cora Moses) 
12. Get You Back in Life (Ed Maly) 
13. Too Many Women (Darrell Rodriguez & Ed Maly) 
14. Moon Dance (Van Morrison) 
15. Polk Salad Annie (Tony Joe White) 
16. Snake Farm (Ray Wylie Hubbard) 
17. Dark Soul (Ed Maly and David Beal) 
18. Sin into Song (Ed Maly) 
19. Red House (Jimi Hendrix) 

Musicians on Fountain of Youth 

Keith Cannon: Lead guitar on Tracks #1, #7, #14, #15, #16, and #19; Vocals on #16. 
Don Irby: Bass on Tracks #1, #5, #7, #9, #14 -#16, and #19; Vocals on #15. 
Mike Snelling: Drums on Tracks #1, #4 - #7, #9, #14 - #17, #19; Vocals on #14. 
Darrell Rodriguez: Drums on Tracks #2, #3, #10, #12, #18 & #20; Vocals on #13. 
Bill Nelson: Bass on Tracks #2 - #4, #6, #10, #12, #17, and #18. 
Teri Green: Lead guitar on Tracks #2, #4, #6, and #17. 
Mike Eli: Keyboards on Tracks #3, #10, #12, and #18. 
Rick Moses: Bass on Tracks #8, #11, and #13; Vocals on Track #8. 
Cora Moses: Vocals on Track #11. 
Darren Ross: Keyboards on Track #20. 
Chris Fielder: Bass on Track #20. 
Keith Goggin: Lead guitar on Tracks #3, #10, and #12. 
Barry Cooney: Drums on Track #13. 
Greg Partyka: Drums on Track #11. 
Ed Maly: Rhythm guitar on all tracks; Lead guitar on Tracks #8, #9, #12, #13, #18, #19, and #20; Acoustic on Tracks #5 & #11; vocals on Tracks #1 - #7, #9, #10, #12, #17 - #20.


Liner Notes for Guitar Jock - 2009 

Dear Texas Music Fans, 
Guitar Jocks everywhere, this one’s for you! Hot vintage amps, Wah Wah pedals, fat analogue tones, and all the drama the lyrics can take! The first track, “That’s Just How Much”, sets the sonic tone for this blues/rock landscape! 
The title track, “Guitar Jock”, goes out to all who grew up during the 60’s with guitars, lava lamps, and a love for the emerging blue/rock music! 
The age-old tale “Cinderella” gets a blues/rock makeover here with a little role reversal, thrown-in for fun! 
“Wants Her Guitar Man” is one that reminds me of being in high school and trying to get the girls’ attention at the dances. Back then, it really was all about the guitar, so we all bought guitars to get the girls! 
“Seven Deadly” is an ironic reminder that there is no redemption without sin. I love the “addiction as sin” thing going on in the lyrics, and I was anticipating a big smoking lead guitar break in the middle of this one, but like the song says, “he tricks you and he don’t give a damn”. The flute-like keyboard break works disarmingly well. 
“Country Girl” features Keith Goggin on lead guitar. Keith is a local guitar player who owns a huge collection of guitars and amps! He demonstrates his powerful chops again on the blues tune, “If You Were a Guitar”! This song is a guitar player’s confessional about why he doesn’t spend enough time with his wife. 
“Get-ter Bug” came about after one of Ed’s many trips to the Austin’s Songwriters’ Seminar and heard a presentation by Bill and Ruth Carter! 
“Wah-Wah Eyes” tells the tale of a musician in love with his wife. Isn’t that just like a guitar jock? Can’t even talk about love without throwing a Wah-Wah pedal in there somewhere! Keith Cannon does some fine guitar work here along with Mike Snelling’s jazzy drums and Don Irby’s bass playing. 
The theme continues in the next song, “Guitar Man”. It should be noted here that keyboard men are just as important as exemplified by Darren Ross and his piano contributions on this cut. 
“Happy Blues” shows off some interesting sonic interplay between the keys by Darren Ross and Ed’s guitar. 
I also like the keyboards on “Demo”. I’m playing it loud right now. The words to the last verse originally said, “Even Jesus had to demo what he was selling”. 
“You Just Keep On” is a tale questioning why some people stay together. I guess It’s all explained in the last line, “But when you’re talking ‘bout love, no one seems to know”. 
The next song, “History”, is a blues/rock shouter song against high taxes. I love the fat drum sound Mike gets from the 1965 Ludwick kit used on this. 
“For a Song” reveals a creative way one can use love to get inspired to write! 
“I’m So Sorry” was actually a first-take demo that sounded more sincere than the more polished later take. 
“To Get You on the Dance Floor” is a live-show opener the band does to open the shows, and it makes for the perfect closer here reminding all that the real goal of all of this should be to make the people want to dance! 

Rick Moses 

Hot Texas Tunes 

Thank You to: Betty, at B.J.’s Sports’ Pub; Cindy, from the Fort Bend Fair Association; Sue Snelling, from the R.O.T.C. parents? fundraiser and party at Cafe Adobe in Sugar Land; John Null, for having us play at the company employee party for the Null-Lairson C.P.A. firm; Mike, for having us play at The Regal Ranch for the National Tank company; Chuck, for having us play for The Men’s Center’s annual Mayfest; Robert, for having us play at the Lamplighter’s Club, and to Shaun, for having us play for the New Year’s Eve party at the Out of Africa Cuisine! 

Songs on Guitar Jock 

1. That’s Just How Much (Ed Maly) 
2. Guitar Jock (Ed Maly) 
3. Cinderella (Ed Maly) 
4. Wants Her Guitar Man (Ed Maly) 
5. Seven Deadly (Ed Maly) 
6. Country Girl (Ed Maly) 
7. If You Were a Guitar (Ed Maly) 
8. Get-Ter bug (Ed Maly) 
9. Wah Wah Eyes (Ed Maly) 
10. Guitar Man (Ed Maly) 
11. Happy Blues (Ed Maly) 
12. Demo (Ed Maly) 
13. You Just Keep On (Ed Maly) 
14. History (Ed Maly) 
15. For a Song (Ed Maly) 
16. I’m So Sorry (Ed Maly) 
17. To Get You on the Floor (Ed Maly) 

Musicians on Guitar Jock 

Keith Cannon: Lead guitar on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #8, #9, #14, and #16. 
Don Irby: Bass on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17. 
Mike Snelling: Drums on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #13 - #17. 
Keith Goggin: Lead guitar on Tracks #^, #7, #13, and #17. 
Darren Ross: Keyboards on Tracks #1 - #6; #8, #10, - #14; and #17. 
Darrell Rodriguez: Drums on Tracks #4, #5, #11, and #12. 
Chris Fielder: Bass on Tracks #4, #5, #11, and #12. 
Mike Coston: First lead on Track #2. 
Ed Maly: Vocals and rhythm on all; Lead guitar on Tracks 1, #2, #4, #6; #10 - #12. 

Recorded at Hot Texas Tunes Sugar Land, Texas 
Mastered by Allen Corneau at Essential Sound Studios in Houston

Recorded at Hot Texas Tunes Studio Sugar Land, Texas 
Mastered by Allen Corneau at Essential Sound Mastering in Houston.

Liner Notes for Best Kept Secrets - 2008 

Dear Texas Music Lover, 
Congratulations on your purchase of Ed Maly’s Best Kept Secrets! 
Your support keeps creativity alive and well at the Hot Texas Tunes? Studio in Sugar Land, Texas, U.S.A.! 
Since Ed’s last CD, Walking Shoes Blues, Ed, Don, Keith and Mike have been busy playing at local gigs, such as B.J.’s Sports’ Pub, The Fort Bend County Fair, Wild West World, Pepe’s Tex-Mex Grill, 19th Hole Bar, The Lamplighter’s Club, The Men’s Center, and for numerous private parties, including John Null of Null-Lairson. 
The live gigs are always fun because the band plays songs from the 50’s, & 60’s mixing in originals, too! This CD begins with three of those classic old tunes that always go over well live. 
First is my favorite, “CC Rider”. This version really captures the spirit and feel of the live shows. Ed’s “Matilda” is a version that rocks a little harder than the original Cookie and the Cupcakes version. “Barefootin’” is always a foot-stomping favorite at the live shows. I love Ed’s guitar break on this track. 
Track number four opens the door to the new original material for 2008, and the creative muses are alive and well in this dark Craig Davis tune, titled, “Bungalow 9”. 
Next up is “Mr. Ed”, a song for people who deliberately confuse Ed with the horse in the 50’s T.V. show! Mike Coston does a great job on lead guitar on this one. 
In “Give Me Back My Rib”, Ed draws inspiration from the mythological tale that says Adam had a wife before Eve whose name was Lilith. This first wife always wanted to be on top, so Adam complained to God, and God created Eve out of one of Adam’s ribs. Eve may have been more subservient, but she caused Adam far more problems that Lilith ever did! 
“Don’t Start Me Talking” is a Sonny Boy Williamson rocker that has been covered by many artists, including Mick Jagger. 
“Tear a Honky Tonk Apart” reveals Ed’s observations as he watches the people dance with some very nice finger-picking by Keith Cannon. “Best Kept Secret” is a country song, but somehow, it still works on this CD. 
“Hound Dog Cat” shows off some nice piano work by Darren Ross, and the CD closes with re-make of “Howling”, the title song from the second CD. 
What I see and hear happening are four guys evolving and taking chances that always seem to pay off with releases that are getting better each time! 
Rick Moses 

Hot Texas Tunes 

Songs on Best Kept Secrets 
1. CC Rider (Chuck Willis) 
2. Matilda (Thierry Khoury) 
3. Barefootin? (Robert Parker) 
4. Bungalow 9 (Craig Davis & Ed Maly) 
5. Mr. Ed (Ed Maly) 
6. Give Me Back My Rib (Ed Maly) 
7. Don’t Start Me Talking ( Ed Maly) 
8. Tear a Honky Tonk Apart (Ed Maly) 
9. Best Kept Secret (Ed Maly) 
10. Hound Dog Cat (Ed Maly) 
11. Howling (Ed Maly, Darren Ross, and Chris Fielder) 

Musicians on Best Kept Secrets 

Keith Cannon: Lead guitar on Tracks #8 and #9; Rhythm on #6, #7, and #9. 
Mike Coston: Lead guitar on Track #5; Rhythm on #8. 
Chris Fielder: Bass on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #4, and #11. 
Don Irby: Bass on Tracks #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10. 
Ed Maly: Lead guitar on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, and #11; Vocals on all; harmonica on #10; Acoustic guitar on #1, #3, #5, #8, and #9. 
Darrell Rodriguez: Drums on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #4, and #11. 
Darren Ross: Keyboards on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #9, #10, and #11. 
Mike Snelling: Drums on Tracks #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10. Tambourine on all. 
Backing vocals on #5, #7, #9, and #10. 

Liner Notes for Walking Shoes Blues – 2006 

Dear Texas Music Fan 

    Thank you for buying Walking Shoes Blues! Your purchase supports real homegrown music from Texas which was created on analogue tape for maximum sonic warmth! 

   Since the last release, the Ed Maly Band has been busy playing in places such as B.J.’s Sports’ Pub in Houston, The Fort Bend County Fair, The Safari Club, Sugar Land Town Square, The Art Walk in Richmond, private parties in Sugar Creek and Sienna Plantation, Wild West World, Bar Mitzvahs at The Hilton Houston in Kingwood, the new Legacy Ford Dealership in Rosenberg, and for the Rosenberg/Richmond Chamber of Commerce. 

   The band is always exciting live, but the studio is where the creativity really explodes, and this collection of songs from Hot Texas Tunes may just be the best yet. 

   This new CD opens with “Walking Shoes Blues”. These lyrics came after Ed told his son it was time to throw away his favorite grungy tennis shoes. Somehow, that triggered these lyrics. 

   Next, “Blue” shows off some serious guitar by Ed. I love the first line, “I was born restless, irritable, discontent, pissed off, too” 

   “While His Guitar Burned” is Ed’s true story of driving to Houston to see Jimi Hendrix play at the Coliseum. “Susan Jones” is a tribute to all high school friends and dates to dances. “Telepathic Love” has some nice guitar work by Keith Cannon. 

   Warning, don’t listen to “Wheels” while driving in traffic. The car horns and tires squelching may cause you to veer off the road. “Identity theft” is Ed’s death wish to all who steal while posing as someone else. 

   “Bad girl” is a song written by Keith Cannon, John Ward, & Ed featuring some classy guitar work by Keith. This one really swings at the live shows! 

   “Guitar Burn” is the original studio version of “While His Guitar Burned”. Ed’s guitar really jumps out of the box on that one. “Something Going Wrong” is a traditional Am blues number with some strong guitars by Ed and Keith. 

   “Trophy Man” has a surrealistic story line that would be cool to see in a Quentin Tarantino movie.  The line, “riding in a bucket of ice” really cracks me up!  

    “Rock My World” is a Mike Eli song that gives voice to the many who love to escape to the Strand in Galveston during the summers to hear the sounds of rock and roll against the roar of the ocean. 

   “Party Tonight” is a song with lyrics by Craig Davis of Austin. “Candy Cane” was recorded live at B.J.’s Sports’ Pub with drummer Mike on electric drums. Keith Cannon makes his debut on vocals with “Next Time, Hurt Me”. Actually, this was his scratch vocal take, but it was so sincere and real, the band decided to keep it. Blind Willie McTell’s “Statesboro Blues” was also recorded live. I just love Ed’s unrestrained vocals at the live shows! 

   Finally, this new version of “Gasoline” drives home the last of these seventeen new recordings on this new Ed Maly CD from Hot Texas Tunes. If you’re a blues/rock music lover like me, you’ll be listening to this one over and over for a long time. 

Janet Irby 

Hot Texas Tunes 

                                     Songs on Walking Shoes Blues 

1. Walking Shoes Blues (Ed Maly) 

2. Blue (Ed Maly) 

3. While His Guitar Burned (Ed Maly) 

4. Susan Jones (Ed Maly) 

5. Telepathic Love (Ed Maly) 

6. Wheels (Ed Maly) 

7. Identity Theft (Ed Maly) 

8. Bad Girl (Keith Cannon, John Ward, & Ed Maly) 

9. Guitar Burn (Ed Maly) 

10. Something Going Wrong (Ed Maly) 

11. Trophy Man (Ed Maly) 

12. Rock My World (Mike Eli) 

13. Party Tonight (Craig Davis & Ed Maly) 

14. Candy Cane (Ed Maly) 

15. Next Time, Hurt Me (Keith Cannon) 

16. Statesboro Blues (Blind Willie McTell) 

17. Gasoline (Ed Maly) 

                               Musicians on Walking Shoes Blues 

Ed Maly: Vocals on all tracks except Track #15; guitars on all tracks; harmonica on Track #7. 

Keith Cannon: Lead guitar on Tracks #1, #3, #5, #7, #8, #10, #12, #13, #14 - #16. 

Don Irby: Bass on all tracks. 

Mike Snelling: Drums on Tracks #1, #3, #5, #7, #8, #10, #12, #13, #14 - #16. 

Recorded at Hot Texas Tunes 1937 Country Club Blvd. Sugar Land, Texas 

Mastered by Rock Romano at The Red Shack in Houston.

Liner Notes for See Me Burn - 2005 

Dear Texas Music Fan, 
Thank you for buying this Hot Texas Tunes CD! 
The CD opens with Ed joining his old high school band mate, Craig Davis, on “Someone to Love”. This song was recorded at Bee Creek in Austin, by Craig Davis, with Ed adding additional parts and re-mixing on analog at Hot Texas Tunes. 
“Seven Dollars” is all that is left in the tip jar as Ed cradles his guitar in this slow burning blues tune. “See Me Burn” is a song from the Hot Blues from Texas CD that has evolved into quite a staple during the live shows. Love the guitar on this! 
“Dark Soul” also provides a nice vehicle for Ed’s lead guitar playing. It also showcases David Beal’s voice. 
Ah, and now we’re down to my favorite, “Walking the Dog”. This unique version really works well in the bars after hours when the men turn into dogs begging to be walked. 
Breaking up can sometimes make one stronger and more focused as experienced in “Living Again”. 
“Little Bit Crazy” is a David Beal confessional that speaks for itself. I just love the jazzy acoustic guitar and upright bass on this. 
“Gasoline” was written for all the muscle car lovers and their excessive need for petrol. 
After glorifying “Short Tight Skirts” on the last CD, Ed now gives equal opportunity to women’s feet in “Spike Me with Your High Heel Shoe”. 
“Girl from Louisiana” is a hillbilly Cajun-rocker that really works well whenever the band plays live. 
Ed and Craig close out this CD paying tribute to all the vain girls who hurt their men because the “Girl Can’t Help It”. 
Every time I listen to this CD, I’m amazed at all the passion and fire captured on inch analogue! 

Janet Irby - Hot Texas Tunes 

Songs on See Me Burn 

1. Someone to Love (Craig Davis) 
2. Seven Dollars (Ed Maly & David Beal) 
3. See Me Burn (Ed Maly & WW Branon) 
4. Dark Soul (Ed Maly & David Beal) 
5. Walking the Dog (Rufus Thomas & Ed Maly) 
6. Living Again 
7. Little Bit Crazy (David Beal & Ed Maly) 
8. Gasoline (Ed Maly) 
9. Spike Me with Your High Heel Shoe (Ed Maly & Allen Hale) 
10. Girl from Louisiana (Ed Maly) 
11. Girl Can’t Help It (Craig Davis) 

Musicians on See Me Burn 

Ed Maly: Vocals & guitars on all; Harmonica on Tracks #3, #5, and #11. 
Craig Davis: Vocals on Tracks #1 and #11. 
David Beal: Vocals on Tracks #4 and #7. 
Heath Allen: Vocals and guitar on Tracks #1 and #11. 
Spencer Starnes: Bass on Tracks #1 and #11. 
Jack Fenske: Bass on Tracks #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, and #10. 
Mike Snelling: Drums on Tracks #2, #3, #5, #6, and #10. 
Mike Eli: Keyboards on Tracks #2, #3, #5, #6, #7, and #10. 
Dexter Walker: Drums on Tracks #1 and #11. 
Mark Beal: Drums on Track #4. 
Andy Andrus: Drums on Track #7. 
Barry Cooney: Drums on Track #8. 
Allen Hale: Drums on Track #9. 

Recorded at Hot Texas Tunes, Sugar Land, Texas 
Mastered by Jeff Wells at Sound Arts Studio in Houston

Recorded at Hot Texas Tunes, Sugar Land, Texas 
Mastered by Rock Romano at the Red Shack in Houston. 
Photos by Janet Irby; Live sound at the gigs by Don Irby

Liner Notes for Ed’s Garage – 2002 

Dear Texas Music Fan, 

   Thank you for buying this Hot Texas Tunes CD! As you will hear in this 3rd release by Ed Maly, Hot Texas Tunes is growing and expanding in its musical scope and vision. 

   The band fires up this CD with “Short Tight Skirt”, a 90.1 Joe’s Roadhouse favorite. Mike Eli then takes a ride to eternity in “I Love That Girl”, which paves the road for “Break Away”, by David Beal. 

   The flame continues to burn in “Just an Old Feeling” with Darren ross on vocals and keyboards. 

   In her Houston Chronicle article about Maly last year, Anne Rhodes wanted to know if the band ever wrote any humorous songs. “Too Many Women” was their response. 

   Ed reveals an answer to life’s chaos in “Wind, Thunder, Rain”. David Beal rocks on “You Said It was Love”. 

   Starr Barclay provides just the right emotion for “Sins of the Heart”. The harmonica break adds a nice touch. 

   “526-K.P.F.T.” is another 90.1 favorite for Joe’s Roadhouse Radio Show with some fine guitar, and the candles burn while Ed sings away his blues in “Hail Mary”. 

  “Lesson You Never Learned” sets up “Girl of My Dreams” by Mike Eli. 

Nice guitar lead on “Illusions of Control”. 

   “Now That You’re Gone” was co-written by Jill Watkins, and “Brave New World” was inspired by reports that scientists wanted access to the Shroud of Turin for the DNA left on the cloth. 

   The “Strong and the Weak” features Starr Barclay on vocals with outstanding keyboards by John Blau, followed by “Master of Puppets”. “Eager Beaver Baby” is an old Johnny Burnett tune that still works today, and the last song, “If I Were a Bug” provides just the right creative conclusion to this eclectic body of work recorded in Ed’s Garage! 

   We hope you have as much fun listening to this CD as we did recording it! Visit us on-line at 

   A special thanks to CDBaby,, Barnes & Noble, Cactus Records, Joe Records, Borders Music, and Southwest Wholesale in Houston. 

Craig Davis – Hot Texas Tunes – 2002 

Songs on Ed’s Garage 

1. Short Tight Skirt 1:51 (Ed Maly & Mary Mares) BMI & ASCAP 

2. I Love That Girl 4:20 (Mike Eli) BMI 

3. Break Away 2:38 (Emily Dietle, David Beal, & Ed Maly) BMI 

4. Just an Old Feeling 3:07 (Ed Maly & Elliott Richards) BMI 

5. Too Many Women 2:13 (Darrell Rodriguez & Ed Maly) BMI 

6. Wind, Thunder, Rain 2:50 (Ed Maly) BMI 

7. You Said It Was Love 2:28 (David Beal, Ed Maly, & Matt Maly) BMI 

8. Sins of the Heart 3:32 (Ed Maly & Mary Mares) BMI & ASCAP 

9. 526-K.P.F.T. 2:02 (Ed Maly) BMI 

10. Hail Mary 2:42 (Ed Maly) BMI 

11. Lesson You Never Learned 2:20 (Dave Vizena) ASCAP & BMI 

12. Girl of My Dreams 4:18 (Mike Eli) BMI 

13. Illusions of Control 2:06 (Ed Maly) BMI 

14. Now that You’re Gone 3:22 (Jill Watkins & Ed Maly) BMI 

15. Brave New World 2:02 (Matt Maly, Ed Maly, & David Beal) BMI 

16. Strong and the Weak 3:27 (Ed Maly) BMI 

17. Master of Puppets 2:43 (Jill Watkins & Ed Maly) BMI 

18. Eager Beaver Baby 1:50 (R. Roberts, B. Katz, & S. Clayton) ASCAP 

19. If I We’re a Bug 2:00 (Allen Hale & Ed Maly) BMI 

Musicians on Ed’s Garage 

David Beal: Vocals on 3, 7, 11, & 15. 

Mike Eli: Vocals on 2 & 12; Keys on 2, 3, 7, 12, 17, 18, & 19. 

Darren Ross: Vocals on 4 & 14; Keys on 4, 6, 11, 14, & 15. 

Jack Fenske: Bass on 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, & 19. 

Darrell Rodriguez: Drums on 1, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 17, &19. 

Andy Andrus: Drums on 2, 3, 7, 15, & 18. 

Barry Cooney: Drums on 9. 

Bruce Randall: Drums on 4 & 14. 

Chris Fielder: Bass on 6. 

Beth McConnell: Keys on 5. 

John Blau: Keys on 16. 

Robert Bookman: Bass on 16. 

Chas Lothringer: Drums on 16. 

Chris Todero: Bass on 11. 

Matt Maly: Takamine guitar on 7 & 15. 

Ed Maly: Vocals on 1, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 17, 18, & 19. 

Guitars on all tracks; Bass on 1, 5, 8, & 10. 

Ed’s Garage was recorded in Ed’s Garage - 2002 

Mastered at Rock Romano’s Red Shack 

Manufactured at Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ 


Howling CD - 1999 

The Howling CD did not contain any liner notes, but printed the lyrics, instead. Here are the songs from the Howling CD 
1. Day Dreaming (Ed Maly & Mary Mares) 
2. Best Fast Move (Ed Maly & Mary Mares) 
3. Rockabilly Cat (Ed Maly) 
4. Just an Old Feeling (Ed Maly & Elliott Richards) 
5. Even Mustang Sally Loves Joe’s Roadhouse (Bonnie Rice & Ed Maly) 
6. K.P.F.T. Interview (Joe Montes) 
7. Stormy Monday (T-Bone Walker) 
8. Too Normal (Ed Maly & Monty West) 
9. Cunning, Baffling, Blues (Ed Maly) 
10. I’m Lonely (Ed Maly & Craig Davis) 
11. Diamond Cuts (Ed Maly & Mary Mares) 
12. Howling (Ed Maly, Darren Ross, & Chris Fielder) 

Musicians on the Howling CD 
Ed Maly: Vocals & guitar:  all tracks; Bass on Tracks #4, #9, & #10. 
Jack Fenske: Bass on Tracks #5, #7, and #8. 
Mike Eli: Keyboards on Tracks #5 and #7. 
Darrell Rodriguez: Drums on Tracks #1 - #4; #7, #9 - #12. 
Darren Ross: Keyboards on Tracks #1, #2, #11, and #12. 
Beth McConnell: Keyboards on Tracks #4, #8, #9, and #11. 
Barry Cooney: Drums on Track #5. 
Matt Maly: Drums on Track #7. 
Allen Hale: Drums on Track #8. 
Chris Fielder: Bass on Tracks #1 - #3; #11 and #12. 

Recorded at Hot Texas Tunes Studio, 2505 Country Club Blvd. Sugar

Land, Texas 
Mastered at Rock Romano’s Red Shack Studio in Houston. 
Manufactured by Midwest Records, Dallas, Texas.

Liner Notes for Rough Girl 1996 

Dear Texas Music Fan, 
Ever since the nationwide release of “Rough Girl”, on White Blues (Col-0585), and White Man Blues (CDTB-168) in England, the muses have been calling for more hot blues from Texas! Well, here it is! This new CD titled Hot Blues from Texas contains nine tunes as hot as the Texas sun! 

The CD opens with “Rough Girl”, which appears here in its original form without background vocals. “Candy Cane” follows with the harmonica and keyboard rocking together in blues zydeco fashion for this upscale “style, class, and brains”, but candy in my hand’s song. Next is “Free”, the haunting song of a Creole girl who is accidentally killed by her angry father. Co-writer Terry Miller claims the legend is true, and that her spirit still resides in Black Bayou in Louisiana. 

“Bachelor Man” appears next in its original form as an anthem for those who can’t live any way but alone! In keeping with the tradition of a “blues shouter”, Ed sings this one with incredible emotion, burying the needles on the vocals. His talents on acoustic guitar are featured on “Butterflies Under Thunder” along with John Blau’s keyboards. 

“Good Time Tonite” is a true Texas-blues special. I just love the way those Strat single-coil pick-ups sizzle through the pre-C.B.S. Fender on this one! Straight ahead Texas-style blues on a Saturday night any place in Texas with wooden floors. “Sweet Smell of Danger” was co-written by the late Dave Vizena. “Till I Needed You” is more ‘pop’ than blues, but I like it. All jaded rock-iron hearts need a meltdown once in a while. In “Sometimes I Get the Feeling (You Just Want to See Me Burn), Ed’s gutsy vocals and haunting harmonica solos work perfectly providing just the right emotional edge to convey WW Branon’s lyrics about rejection. 

To me, this is a CD that sounds better and better each time I listen to it. I suppose part of the charm and warmth is due to the fact it was recorded in analogue in a small environment. This, plus the songwriting talents of Ed, all give this project an authenticity that matches the spirit of the ever-developing Texas music scene! 

Craig Davis - Hot Texas Tunes 
Songs - Hot Blues from Texas 
1. Rough Girl (Ed Maly) 
2. Candy Cane (Ed Maly) 
3. Free (Terry Miller & Ed Maly) 
4. Bachelor Man (Ed Maly) 
5. Butterflies Under Thunder (Ed Maly) 
6. Good Time Tonite 
7. Sweet Smell of Danger (Dave Vizena & Ed Maly) 
8. Till I Needed You (Ed Maly) 
9. Sometimes I Get the Feeling (You Just Want to See Me Burn) (WW Branon & Ed Maly) 

Musicians on Hot Blues from Texas 
Ed Maly: Vocals, Harmonica, Lead & Rhythm guitars on all tracks. 
Darren Ross: Keyboards on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #4, #7, and #8. 
Darrell Rodriguez: Drums on Tracks #1, #2, #3, #4, #7, #8 and #9. 
Kurt Adelberg: Lead guitar on Track #3. 
Chas Lothringer: Drums on Tracks #5 and #6. 
John Blau: Keyboards on Tracks #5 and #6. 
Robert Bookman: Bass on Tracks #5 and #6. 
Chris Todero: Bass on Tracks #4, #7, #8, and #9. 
Chris Felder: Bass on Tracks #2 and #3. 
Robert Clarady: Bass on Track #1. 
Randy Holsapple: Keyboards on Track #9. 
Jack Fenske: Road bass. 
Barry Cooney: Road drums. 

Recorded at Hot Texas Tunes, 2505 Country Club Blvd., Sugar Land, Texas 
Mastered at Rock Romano’s Red Shack Studio in Houston 
Manufactured and distributed by Midwest Records, Dallas Texas.